Community Development
James M. Wood James M. Wood was an inspirational leader and tireless advocate for the most fragile, isolated and disenfranchised among us. Thanks largely to his leadership, the people of Skid Row no longer have to accept living on the streets.
 At the James M. Wood Community Center (JWCC), residents of the Central City East (Skid Row) reclaim and rebuild their community through organizing and participating in social, recreational, educational, artistic, nutritional, civic, recovery and community prevention activities.

James Wood Center

(Before Renovation)

Our goal is to create a safe, sober and well-maintained space that is available to all community groups. The Center serves as both a catalyst and a resource for community recovery as well as an important home to community-building efforts. Three community spaces are available for meetings and special events. For more information please call (213) 229-9602.

James M. Wood

(After Renovation)

James M. Wood

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